John Woodward

Australian Federation Party candidate Wide Bay

Australia can be Heaven on Earth

We are witnessing a spiritual battle on Earth between Good and Evil. Satan’s principal weapon is His total control of the “Private Banker Debt Based Monetary System”.  To achieve Jesus’s wish “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” we have to put an end to Satan’s  system  and introduce a system  of Debt Free Money issued by a Genuine People’s Government for the benifit of all the People.

At present almost 100% of our money supply is created by foreign controlled private banks out of thin air using accounting trickery and issued as loans to the government and to the People. Our Government must bring back a government owned People’s Bank to issue 100% of our money supply debt free. Debt Free Money This money can be spent into our economy and end the need for taxation of the People and government borrowing.

All of the following can, should and would have been done by our Government if it had not been corrupted by the Bankers (Globalists, Deep State etc.).

End power of Bankers to create money out of thin air and issue it as debt using accounting trickery.

Bring back the government owned People’s Bank to issue 100% of our money supply.

Ban government borrowing, except of cause from the government owned People’s Bank.

Outlaw taxation of workers and Australian owned businesses. End payroll taxes.

Retrospective legislation to amend the definition of “Treason” to include politicians and public servants acting  against the interests of the People  by serving the Bankers instead of the People. Traitors will be Punished

Free universal insurance to cover all forms of physical, social and financial loss. Free medical and dental.

Free education. Forgive HECS debt. Stop teaching our young people to be obedient debt slaves.

Generous interest-bearing savings accounts with People’s Bank fully adjusted for inflation.

Generous pension payments non-means tested and fully adjusted for inflation.

Interest free home loans.

Interest free loans, debt forgiveness in hard times and fair prices for farmers.

Debt free money for government services and infrastructure projects incl. Bradfield Scheme. Full employment.

Tariff protection of Australian industries. Bring jobs home.

Interest free loans to re-establish essential industries including, automobile, aircraft, heavy machinery, defence ect.

Renationalisation of privatised government assets and end foreign ownership of land and industries.

Police forces trained to serve and protect and not to act as revenue collectors for corrupt government.

Strong Defence force supplied by Australian industry. No foreign engagements for benefit of Bankers. All able bodied law abiding citizens encouraged and assisted to own firearms and receive training.

Simplification of laws, easy access to Legal Aid, a comprehensive Bill of Rights and Jury Nullification.

Make the media tell the truth. Expand public access Radio, TV, Print and Internet Media.

Prohibit political donations by corporations and foreigners.

Full and fair investigation of vaccine safety, big pharma and alternative remedies. End the no jab no pay or play nonsense. Legalise medicinal cannabis.

Return to healthy food production and facilitate sustainable off grid living and farming.

Protect the environment. Ban fracking. End the addiction to economic growth which is caused by Banker debt-based money and is the principal cause of environmental degradation.

Citizen Initiated Referenda. End multicultural bias in immigration.

Full inquiry into Port Arthur Massacre and prosecution of guilty parties.

Treaty to attempt justice for our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters.

Yes, it can all be done and much, much more! As Sir Dennison Miller the first Governor of the government owned Commonwealth Bank of Australia said in the Australian Press of July 7, 1921:-

“The whole of the resources of Australia are at the back of this bank, and so strong as this continent is, so strong is this Commonwealth Bank. Whatever the Australian people can intelligently conceive in their minds and will loyally support, that can be done.”

In other words, that which is physically possible can be made financially possible by a People’s government owned bank.

Please share this post as widely as possible. Remember the Bankers own the media so it is up to we the People to get the message out to heal our Nation and become a beacon of light for the whole World.

John Woodward  April 2019

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Maybe even Make copies and hand them out.

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